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We are a software development agency which simplifies Software design, development and post development so as you can focus on your core business and we can take care of all your software related worries.

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Incaendo Technologies is a IT solutions company specialized in high-end services in the spectrum of Website Design  and Development, Mobile application Development, Startups, and Enterprise Based Solutions.  Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company that believes in the combination of quality and simplicity. It recognizes the importance of simplicity in various aspects of life and the connection it has with quality. The company aims to achieve quality through simple actions.

At Incaendo Technologies, the team helps clients by understanding and anticipating their challenges. They then guide them through those challenges, using technology as a tool to drive change and promote growth. The company seems to prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in providing solutions to its clients.

 Here, we values quality, simplicity, and the power of technology in addressing client needs.


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Hello TOMO is an IOS app that helps user to manage their habits that keep them healthy. Specially designed for person in depression, have a simple conversational UI to suggest habits and track the progress. TOMO  smart agent send regular suggestion and help user manage healthy habits. App is currently launched for UK store.


Domino's Pizza India

Incaendo has developed highly scalable and secure portal for Domino's scaling on three different data centers around Asia/Pacific. Portal has extensive sport for  REST API, exposing portals key features to food aggregators. Portal has successfully handled 50000 transaction in a day.

Activate media

Activate Media

Activate Media Framework is developed and used to develop dynamic social media website having custom requirement around curated content. Framework comprises of separate component taking to each other by means of REST based API.

Good Morning Italia

Good Morning Italia

Good Morning Italia is a dynamic platform dedicated to the intelligent production and dissemination of news across the web, app, and email, chosen by thousands of individuals and a multitude of both large and small enterprises seeking quality information.

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Are you ready to join a dynamic team of tech enthusiasts and innovators? If yes, so your search ends up here, let join our team of experts and together we drive the future of Technology. For exploring the exciting career opportunities contact us at

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