Facebook & Social Application Development

Facebook & Social Application Developmen

Open Social is a public specification that defines a component hosting environment (container) and a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based applications. Open Social includes multiple APIs for social software applications to access data and core functions on participating social networks. Each API addresses a different aspect. It also includes APIs for contacting arbitrary third party services on the web using a proxy system and OAuth for security.

Incaendo has expertise in conceptualizing and quickly undertaking Facebook Application Development as well as Open Social Application Development. A Facebook or Open Social application not only helps a customer validate the concept a customer has, it is a very effective marketing tool for a lot of customers as well.

Incaendo has undertaken Facebook Application Development in as little as 1 week and has also undertaken larger application development as well.

Lets see why Incaendo should be your only choice

  • Robust processes that enhances the entire process of quick application deployments.
  • Incaendo ensures app solutions that are extremely cost effective, timely and reliable.
  • Custom solutions designed to meet client-specific needs.

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