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When it comes to secured and highly economic IT technology, Cloud computing proves to be the best buddy of modern business industries. The Internet-based technology allows your business to have all the benefits of the IT within a suitable range of budget along with low maintenance. The sharing of the resources provides a sense of freedom from the traditional methods of using applications. However, the benefits are achievable only when you choose the right professionals for the services.

Incaendo Technologies brings the best cloud solution for business. The best of the best tools and the experienced minds come together under the roof of our company. This combination allows your business to achieve all the short-term as well as the long-term goals.

What we do?

We have all the services available for your business requirements:

1. Infrastructure creation

We can create a strong infrastructure of cloud computing for your company. Our experts have the capability to create a flexible infrastructure that exactly suits the business model you have. And it all comes at a price that doesn’t conflict with your budget. The performance of our infrastructure further enhances the return on your investments by improving your business functionality.

2. IT evaluation

Being in the service for years, our experts have a greater understanding of multiple industries and the IT requirements. We can help you evaluate the IT environment in your company. With a complete analysis, you will be able to know the weak links that are stopping you from achieving business goals. Then, our experts help in constructing an IT environment that aligns with the business’s future.

3. Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery are two main concerns of every industry. Hence, we offer our experience and techniques to keep the backup of your data and plan the recovery procedure as well. We manage the database in such a manner that you never get stressed out for the data loss.

4. Technical maintenance and support

You can also have our maintenance and support services. The continuous availability of the qualified technicians makes it easier to resolve technical issues immediately. Your IT infrastructure always stays top-notch and the support of our professionals helps your employees as well.

Why should you prefer Incaendo?

Our services have served some of the big names. With our cloud computing services, we have been able to help the clients such as Domino’s Pizza India & Sri Lanka. Apart from them, we also provided our satisfactory services to Policy Bazaar, Design Deal, Gorb, LivingFoodz, and many prestigious companies.

Improved marketing facilities for Dominos

For a robust marketing and management system of Dominos, we developed and managing the brand site. Our cloud computing recommendations have allowed the brand to improved functionality of the business as well as the appreciation of the customers. The brand has been able to create a stronger online marketing and management platform.

Domino’s got an improved feedback system

Being a leading Pizza company, Domino’s required improved feedback system and better online customer service. Our experts, at Incaendo, developed the website for effective feedback system, service, and experience for the customers. Today, we manage the brand website and satisfy the company and their business with our top-notch solutions.

End to end platform for Policy Bazaar

For the leading online insurance comparison portal in India, Incaendo has developed the platform. Our experts derived the best aspects of Magento technology and ensured that the 20 million unique visitors achieve a comfortable platform to compare multiple policy plans.

Along with the big shots, our services have helped many other clients such as Fliplearn, Gorb, Design Deal, Living Foodz, Agri Pro Focus, and many others. So, our strong image and successful results make us one of the trusted cloud computing companies in India. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you have questions in mind regarding the cloud computing services, check out the amazing benefits we offer:

  • Highly scalable results to achieve all the requirements.

  • The ability to have applications and data anywhere.

  • No need to spend a ton of cash on installation and maintenance.

  • High return on investment in infrastructure.

  • Satisfactory secured environment.

  • Quick paced implementation of every business function.

  • The chance to save a lot of money, time and efforts.

So, now you know how our services can deliver everything that you desire from cloud computing services.

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