Mobile First Approach When Launching Your E-Commerce Shop

Mobile devices become the most used devices to reach a large segment of audiences and hence made a huge impact on development and digital marketing, resulting in a mobile-first approach. Even if google stats to be believed mobile-first is prioritized in previous years and will boom in 2020.

If you are an entrepreneur thinking of starting an online business then you should lead to the Mobile-first for E-commerce. It is very important that everything should be implemented well as chances are very less that users will try again if he encounters a problem accessing your E-commerce.

While designing a website for your business one must pay attention to how well it works on desktop as well as on mobile devices. Ignoring mobile means ignoring the majority of your potential customers.

Let’s Discuss A Few Important Terms And Statistics That Illustrate The 'Why Mobile-First Approach When Launching Your E-Commerce.'

E-commerce defined as the buying and selling of goods and services online and when it is done using wireless devices it is termed as M-commerce. Devices like mobile and tablets play a big role in E-commerce.

Few Important Stats Of Ecommerce Mobile:

According to stats M-commerce sales of total eCommerce sales will be expected to rise by 54% by 2021.

  • 79% of users have made a purchase using their smartphone  
  • 80% of shoppers use smartphones to look up product reviews, compare prices, or find alternative store locations.
  • A higher number of mobile users, around 10 billion are connected through smartphones
  • According to research, 90 percent of users spent time on apps and the rest of 10 percent on browsers.
  • Instead of mobile web, Mobile shoppers make double the purchases on apps and apps have a 14 percent higher conversion rate
  • 61 percent of smartphone users say they’re more likely to buy when they receive customized offerings and can make purchases quickly 

Benefits Of Using M-Commerce

M-commerce provides a variety of payment options making better overall experience for customers. Hence, resulting in phenomenal growth potential. According to a study, eCommerce sales reach $4.058 trillion by 2020.

M-commerce provides an omnichannel experience for the customers which helps to sell products or goods both online and offline on multiple online channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, AliExpress, etc. It will help to make your store accessible for your customer from any location so that they can make purchases whatever they want.  

What Is Mobile-First? Why Is It Important For Your E-Commerce?

Mobile-first for e-commerce means the e-commerce version which meant directly to be used on mobile devices and gradually to adapt the existing code and content to tablets and desktop devices making e-commerce more prepared for omnichannel sales.

What Is A Mobile-First Design?

Instead of Brand, design for the users who are going to interact with it.

Mobile-First Design We start developing the design for the mobile-first which has more restrictions and if needed gradually expending its features to move to tablets and desktop. 

Mobile-first is a rule of progressive advancement.

Progressive advancement means that when a designer develops a product version with basic functions and features for the device like a mobile device and then moving to advance version tablets or desktop.
Progressive advancement strategy is widely used as while moving from mobile to a tablet or PC, designers can strengthen the product step by step by making use of its unique features.

What Are The Best Practices For Mobile-First E-Commerce?

  1. Use rich snippets 
    To allow the search engines to understand what information contained on each webpage the operators add structured data to the existing HTML.

  2. Accelerates loading speed
    E-commerce which took less time to load will be valued. So, Capture more and more potential customers and have good positioning on the internet by following the set of rules defined by Google. Loading speed is an important factor as chances are high that you lose your potential customers/ buyers if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

  3. Remove random popups and ads for mobile users
    Random Ads and popups are very annoying which may cause the loss of potential customers/buyers/users. So, it is a must eliminate these hindrances to make your M-commerce more user friendly.
  4. Keep the UX/UI simple and intuitive
    Keep the UI/UX of your M-commerce design simple and user-friendly. Make it interactive and attractive with images and catchy content. To avoid the users lose to keep the navigation simple through the pages and use less buttons.

As an e-commerce owner/startups you must consider mobile-first approach, consider your user preferences and facts what makes your consumer purchase your product or goods and services.

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