List Of Features Required For An ECommerce Application

Want to run an eCommerce store, it’s all about functions, design, and features. E-commerce business is growing faster. To attract more buyers on your store it is a must to stay competitive and relevant as the difference in number of the e-commerce who barely survived to the one who is making huge revenue is huge.

There is no special secret behind making an eCommerce business into a good running revenue earning business. Make your eCommerce website simple, easy, quick, and secure while focusing on a few little things like UI, UX, security, etc.
Before diving into an eCommerce project, think carefully about the features needed according to the requirements and needs of the business. You can also hire an eCommerce website and app development company which can help you to do it for you.

All eCommerce businesses and websites are unique in their own way. If you owning an online store there are few features which you must keep for your website, Let’s explore.

  1. Store design 
    Your online store should be simple, easy to access, and clear to the user. UI/UX plays an important role. The theme selected for the website must be responsive to all the device use. You can use Multi-level category menus, carousel to highlight products and promotions, web-based control panel and email templates must be editable from the control panel, and such others. 
  2. Orders & Checkout 
    The eCommerce website must-have features like single page checkout, Shopping cart orders easy checkout, guest checkout options, order confirmation emails, multiple products can be added to the cart, shipment quotation, Order messaging system, and support for custom order numbers. 
  3. Payment options
    While making a purchase the buyers expect to have multiple payment gateways must available on an eCommerce store. So, add features like multiple payment options like a Credit card, visa, PayPal, etc., support for selling locally, nationally or internationally, tax displayed on the store, State-based, and Country-based tax zones and if possible, they can also have the feature of offline payment options. 
  4. Shipping options
    As customers/buyers found it very convenient to have multiple shipping options. Add Features like the set specific price of the order, live shipping rates based on shipping address, weight, dollar amount. Keep shipping discounts and promotions, free shipping option.  
  5. Help & support 
    It is a must-have help & support feature to answer the queries, doubts, concerns, requirements related to the products and services you are selling on your online store. You can use a chatbot for Live chat, use FAQs section to answer random or repeatedly asked questions, Support professionals available via phone, live chat, and emails.
  6. Inventory management 
    If you are running a store then managing an inventory of products is an important aspect so you must-have features like Products inventoryOut-of-stock settings, Low stock notifications, Free shipping or the specific number of uses coupon codes, Bulk discounts per product, Promotional banners, Discount rules system, ‘Customers who viewed this product also viewed’ panel, Newsletter subscriptions, Popular and new products list and Top sellers list, etc. 
  7. Security
    Information security of customers this is the most important feature which makes sure that no crucial information such as cards information is saved and all prepaid order is made through a secure payment gateway. All pages of the site are secured using SSL. All other information/private data of the customer of your store are secured through compliance. 
  8. Mobile-friendly/ responsive website 
    Your website must be responsive so that it looks the same from each device used and must be user friendly also on the mobile because opening and accessing a website on the mobile is really a task. As the mobile has huge traffic so you should develop a website thinking about how easily you can navigate through pages on the mobile and how easily you access products from the mobile device.

 Backend required features which helps admin to handle the website properly

  1. Dashboard/reporting tools
    The dashboard should be customized to meet the eCommerce business requirements and have a summary of your eCommerce functionality. 
  2. Admin management 
    An admin must have the right to give access preferences to different managers/officers/users of the eCommerce website. 
  3. Customer management 
    It is important to manage and keep a record of your customer account information, search history, and orders. Provide personalized offers, discounts, and products suggestion to the buyers of your online store depending on their search and purchase history. 
  4. Content management 
    Managing content is also an important backend feature required for your eCommerce. Content must be manageable from the backend without any change in code and it includes features like Full CMS functionality which must be 100% browser-based, Page dropdown/pop-out menus, Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, SEO-friendly pages, Contact forms, category management and other contents of your site. 
  5. Store management
    Features like product categories, descriptions, price, sizes, colours, features, etc must be manageable from the backend without assistance from a developer. You must be able to add accessory products, suggested products, etc from the backend. 
  6. Order management 
    Must have an order management panel from where you can manage or can have details like order cancellation, confirmed orders, pending orders, COD order, Order verification, exchange, status updates, refunds, returns and fulfilled orders. 
  7. Shipping management 
    It should be easy to manage ample orders using different shipping methods available for the eCommerce store from the backend. It also includes shipping costs, free shipping, dropshipping and other shipping related options management. 
  8. Discount and promotion management 
    From the backend You should be able to manage features like creating discount codes, codes activation and deactivation, adding discount codes to categories, brand or products, ‘Auto Apply’ discount codes when product added to cart option, setting minimum and maximum quantity required for discount codes, and other such related feature, etc.
  9. Email integrations 
    Must be able to manage personalized emails to increase conversions. Can use emails integrations to send the newsletter, product suggestions, new products arrived, discounts, coupons, etc.
  10. Payments & Shipping
    From backend the eCommerce owner must be able to manage payments & shipment like accept credit cards online, support for a secure checkout and ‘offline’ payments like COD, pay in-store, pay by check, etc, customizable shipping rates, Shipping methods limitable by count, state, ZIP code, and free shipping options, etc. 

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