Increasing Customer Engagement On Your ECommerce Website Or App

E-commerce is not just confined to owning a platform to list and sell your products, you need customers to sell them and retain the customer so that they make the repeat purchase from your website/app. If you are done with right platform selection for your online store and now have a live eCommerce website with ample customers but now worried about how to increase your client base and engage your customers and most importantly retain them.

Here, the question comes about what you can do and how you can increase your customers?

Let’s discuss some important things which you can do to increase customer engagement 

  1. Account creations
    When a guest customer initiates his first purchase then offer him the opportunity to create the account. By that time you gain a bit of the buyer trust, Emphases on the account created by the buyer as if you have their information you can send customized emails based on their personalized information and purchase history. You can discount coupons for repeated purchases, can send try on emails for a new product launched and ask to make purchases if any cart is left abundant.
  2. Upsell and cross-sell
    While selling a product on your online store upsell and cross-sell are two important aspects that enhance customer engagement and ultimately your profit.
    As there are chances when the customer is searching for a product to purchase, he might be unaware of other products available in the same segment which fulfills his requirement and need. So, your store must setup upsell. Likewise, when the customer purchases a smartphone from your online store might also need earphones, case, etc. So, you should also offer accessories or other useful products which might be helpful for the buyer. Setup your store to cross-sell so that it helps you to increase your sale.
  3. Loyalty program 
    Ecommerce business not only need your customer buy product but also want they keep buying the products from your store. Make your customer feel valued by giving them rewards through loyalty programs. Loyalty programs that offer the customers a reason to buy often or repeatedly and reward customers for sharing posts, writing reviews, etc.
  4. Live chat 
    Make personal connections with customers using live chat support. Address customer’s questions, doubts, and queries as fast as you can or you can say provide real-time answers to all concerned confusions to the purchase. Often a prospective buyer wants to inquire when he is unsure of the service or product you are offering on your store and if you solve it in the realtime automatically you can convert into sales. So, using chatbots to address your customer's pain points in the realtime helps you to know what they actually feel about you and also helps you to increase customer engagement and increase sales.
  5. Easy to access information
    One of the aspects of customer engagement is customer satisfaction. Ensure your eCommerce website looks good, offering easy navigation through the site, easy checkouts, payment methods, shipping costs and methods, and viable return policies.  Offering fast and free shipping helps you to engage your customer to make purchases from your store.
  6. Feedback and reviews
    To increase customer engagement on your eCommerce site, provide an option to your customers where they can leave their feedback/reviews about your product and company. This will not only help you to know what they exactly feel about your product but also help your services depending on them for the future. To engage them more make them feel that you are listening, reply to their complaints and comments. This will increase their trust in you and help in customer retention.  
  7. Use social media 
    Make the better use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others for customer engagement in eCommerce. Monitor what is said about your company on these media. Keep posting your products and services to increase your reach and hence gaining customer and engagement. You can directly reach the customer who has any type of complaint about your product.
  8. Wishlist
    Provide the Wishlist option on your store as sometimes when a customer likes a product but not instantly wants to buy that product they add it to their Wishlist. Wishlist is an effective way to keep your customer engaged. This will help you to know your customer interest. You can send friendly email reminders for the purchase of products in the Wishlist. Provide the best customer experience through your eCommerce store as customers are no longer satisfied with the offerings like cheap prices and a huge listing of products available. To stay ahead of your rest competitors and cutthroat competition you need to stay unique in terms of offerings and other features.  

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