Cloud Computing


The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is something you must have heard of if you are in the technology industry. It has been the emerging thing since a few years and has now almost become the norm in the industry. But what exactly is cloud computing? It is the practice where you use a remote computer as a server to serve all your needs rather than having it served from a local computer.

Why does this sound so appealing? Well, there are several reasons why this is useful. We will have a look at some of them –


It is easier to secure a single remote server and use it to serve all other computers in your organization rather than to try and secure each and every personal computer in your org. There are many cloud computing services that allow you to have great security for the remote server.

Also, since you are serving from a remote server, you get the added bonus of geographical security. Meaning, if your servers in local site go down due to some calamity, the other remote servers are geographically distinct and hence are protected from the calamity. Geo security is one of the most sought-after things in the IT world as no company can afford to lose their IT infra due to a calamity. In more technical terms, this geo security is called disaster recovery.


Having all your business needs in the cloud can help with ease of access for any team across the borders. If the data or info needed by different teams are locally located, then it might become a problem to transfer that data to the other when they need it.

With this kind of flexibility, your global teams can interact easily, and this reduces a lot of time restraints and overheads related to that. This means that you are doing faster product roll outs or service plan executions.

The Advantage of Web Services

We can take an example to understand how web services in cloud computing helps organizations. Consider a simple thing such as Microsoft Word. Would it be easier to install Microsoft Word in each and every computer in the organization or would it be easier to just install it in one remote server and that server would serve the Microsoft Word software over the web to all other systems in the org. Obviously the second option, right? Yes! This means that people can just open word files without even having to have word installed on the local system. They can even get access to edit and clear files and not just view them. This can reduce a lot of time and money expense for a company, which is usually the primary focus of any org.

Therefore, you have just learnt a few good benefits of cloud computing and thus learnt why many companies try to implement it. So, go on and implement cloud computing in your org or company too and see all the great benefits for yourself.


Posted by: Incaendo