About Us 

We are the people, who strongly believe in Quality with Simplicity. Humans are using straight line in their daily life for so many things, without realizing the connection of quality and simplicity. At Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we are very much inspired with this straight line, because it is so simple to do but it requires quality to make it, and we are the people who achieve Quality with Simple Actions.

We move, as technology moves. The technology that fulfills our need and increases our speed of growth, also presents our biggest challenges for growth. The technology doesn’t only increase the speed at which we grow, it also increases the speed of changes we need to make for growth.

Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps its clients to anticipate their challenges, navigate through their challenges and leverage technology to make change to overcome their challenges to achieve growth. The word challenges, growth, technology and overcome are treated like difficult things to achieve. We are the people who believe in, “if there is a problem, so we have many solutions". It requires to have well settled vision to choose the best solution among all the possible solution, which is best for your business. Incaendo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps its clients to simplify this activity and ensure best quality delivery to the client’s business.



Awarded in Domino's Pizza India's Business partner conference 2014


Awarded in Domino's Pizza India's Business partner conference 2013

Why To choose Incaendo?

  1. 1. We develop smart and original software designed with usability in mind.

  2. 2. We turn your complicated business concepts into elegant software solutions.

  3. 3. We make use of well proven methodologies that increase sales and engagement.

  4. 4. We make use of skilled resources to maintain your competitive edge in the business.

  5. 5. We ensure quality products and solutions for our valued clients with our experience and expertise.

  6. 6. We have an expert research, designing, and programming teams that ensure your software has a positive impact on your business.

Our Methodology

Approach is an innovative delivery model that leverages comprehensive program management, and best-of-breed development methodologies such as Agile development to enhance mission delivery. Our iterative approach to solving business challenges and creating powerful new solutions allow clients to rapidly test new tools with business users or deploy new tools for early return on investment.

Software Development Cycle



Consumers are complicated. Not just because they’re technologically empowered as never before but also because they are human. For every consumer behaviour that can be coldly observed and calculated, there is an emotion and attitude that isn’t as easily measured or understood. As we see it, we’re not just obligated to tell our clients what makes consumers tick, but what they are feeling while they’re ticking. And that discovery begins with strategy. Incaendo Software’s goal is to understand the full potential of the brand experience space. To the end we utilize research and analysis,community intelligence, and data and analytics to create strategies that link consumer facing experiences with the technologies and systems required to deliver on the brand promise. And in a marketplace where people are at different places at different times, with virtually no symmetry to the means of engagement, the importance of a sound, holistically viewed strategy can’t be understated.

Because, while it’s easy to promise results, it’s quite another thing to deliver on that promise.